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Selection points of soundproof glass windows

Noise has become a major pollution in modern life, so many people will install some soundproof windows and doors at home to block or reduce the harm of noise to people. Then the following small series will introduce you to the selection points of the soundproof glass window.

1, look at the material

Nowadays, the sound-proof glass window components on the market mainly include aluminum profiles, glass and hardware. When purchasing, it is necessary to observe whether the color of these components is consistent, and various hardware parts are complete.

2, look at processing

The quality of the aluminum alloy window is relatively fine, the angle of the profile is relatively uniform, and there is no obvious gap during installation.

3, look at the

insulated glass for sale
When purchasing soundproof glass windows, the quality of the glass is the most critical. It is necessary to observe whether it is hollow glass, because the insulating glass has better sound insulation effect.

4, look at the size

Before you buy a sound-proof glass window, you should first measure the size of the window in your home, so as to avoid the improper purchase of the window, it will cause unnecessary waste.

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